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Private ghost busting experience for you

Let WhyDoesGames create an epic event for you filled with challenges, adventures and ghosts.

We create story driven adventure that is convenient to book and work within most budgets. Our events take place outdoors, usually at the parks and are available in almost any town or city worldwide.

Your teams of ghost hunters will walk around the park, interact with virtual ghosts and save the world from total destruction!

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Personal story

This is not a competition. Each player will be able to find their own unique way to save the city. This might lead to drastically different outcomes.

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Virtual Ghosts

The city is full of them! Walk close to them and use the app to interact. Ghosts will provide you with quests, minigames and items.

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Play alone or with friends

This game can be enjoyed alone or with a team. Playing with a team will allow you to compare statistics and achievements at the end of the game.

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